Ditzy Doo (otherwise known as Derpy Whooves) is a background charecter in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and popularized through her unusual Strabismus (A.K.A Lazy eye).

Common role in fanfictionEdit

In fanfiction where Ditzy Doo is a prevelant charecter the following themes are most common

  • Ditzy is the mother or sibling of the unicorn fan named Dinky Doo due to her body, mane and iris colouring.
  • Ditzy will be charecterized with some sort of mental or physical disorder, usually poor eyesight or some sort of speech problem.
  • Ditzy is the towns MailMare with varying degrees of success
  • Ditzy will often be the companion charecter in Doctor Who crossovers with the charecter 'Dr Whooves', and in several instances be married to him.