"Why is it so easy to destroy, yet take so much effort to create?"

Luna looked mournfully at the distance. The sun gleamed bright light all over Canterlot, seeming to make it glow. "Luna." Celestia said, suddenly popping up behind her. Luna jumped up and yelped, seeing as her sister magically appeared. "S-Sorry, sister. I must have not seen you." she said, clearing her throat. "Luna, there is no time for nonsense. I need to speak with you." Celestia said sternly. Luna and Celestia trot downstairs, shutting the door, cutting the two princesses off from the outside world. "The sun is out of whack." Celestia said. Luna just laughed. "The sun cannot get out of whack, as does the moon. They are forever in peace." Luna tells her, starting to walk out. Celestia glares at Luna, her flowing mane going slower than normal. "Luna, if you don't listen, the whole area of Equestia may be in peril." Luna just flicked her tail. "Sister, I am more than sure that all this is just a silly imagination of your mind." Luna spat, walking out. Celestia just stood there. She knew Luna would go, but she must persuade her it's real. That the danger is VERY real.